21 September 2014



Actually, I don't know why suddenly I feel like I wanna write something here. I don't think people out there still reading Emansipasi as before. Do they read before? Who cares?

Frankly speaking, I feel lonely lately. I don't know why. I miss my mum I guess. Ermm. Honestly, I'm not good in making relationships with strangers. So, I can count a number of my friends. Ermm. I'm not a good friend maybe. So God just let it be like this. Sorry my friends. I can't be perfect. Erggh! I wish somebody whisper in my ear and said;

If you ever wake up, and think that no one needs you, I need you.
If you ever wake up, and think that there's no love, I will always love you.
If you ever wake up, and can't find your purpose, I will hold a candle and help you find it!

But, who's that person?

You forgot something. You don't need somebody. Your God is there. He's always there for you. Wake up!
But I'm just like others. I have feelings too..


Ampang, KL
21 September 2014


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