03 October 2012


"I write out of necessity. Writing helps me to deal with the pain I face in life. Writing is never easy. You need to have strong energy to put what's in your mind into words..."

Shahili Abdan as known as, Nam Ron ; writer, director and actor.

theSun, October 3

Lately, my friend said, hey update your blog la, bla, bla, bla. Now, I have the best answer to tell her. Hello, it is never easy okay. I'm not strong enough. Too much thinking until I don't know how to put what's in my mind into words. Haha.

Smile people, always :)

Kuala Lumpur


update la lagi.. i love ur blog wahai emansipansi ;p

EmansiPASI, no 'N' between A and S.

tQ :P

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